10 Reasons Why The Character In My WIP Isn’t Based On You

By CL Bledsoe

  1. I don’t base characters on people. I base them on life experiences that may involve people, but probably not you.
  2. Your name is spelled slightly differently. It has an “e” in it. My character has an “a.”
  3. Are you really interesting enough for me to base a character on?
  4. You never said that thing my character says, did you? Oh you did? Hmm. Why did you say that, though?
  5. You’re not as inconsiderate as my character, are you? I mean, you’d never forget my birthday, like how the character forgets the main character’s birthday, right? Say, when is my birthday, out of curiosity?
  6. Oh, you borrowed my Special Edition Blu-ray of the director’s cut of Weekend at Bernie’s and never gave it back, just like the character in my WIP? Hmm. Weird.
  7. No, the other day, when we were talking, I wasn’t taking notes. I was writing a grocery list.
  8. I think you’re acting kind of crazy right now, very similarly to how crazy my character acts.
  9. It’ll probably never get published, anyway. And if it does, shouldn’t you be happy for my success?
  10. Besides, the character in my WIP gets crushed by a piano falling out of a window. Have you ever been crushed by a piano falling out of a window? Move slightly to your left. No reason.

Stuff My Stupid Heart Likes by CL Bledsoe (co-author of https://medium.com/@howtoeven and The Wild Word: https://medium.com/search?q=not%20another%20tv%20dad)

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