A Mail-Order Class On Entropy

By CL Bledsoe

Now that I’m not dying as specifically,
I get to bed earlier each night and wake
earlier each morning. Another hour
recovered; eventually, I’ll get my childhood
back. I may not know how to be loved,
but I know how to be ignored and still keep
the kitchen clean. Who was the first person
to see a bee, playing in flowers, and think –
I bet their children eat really well. Same
with the cows. With the chickens, we cut
out the middle man. This is how we learned
to eat our own young, who don’t taste as
good, it’s true. If you wait long enough
in one place, someone will come. Maybe
love, probably the cops. It could well be
both, or rather, you’ll learn to appreciate
the comforts of the cuffs. At least someone
cares enough to bother with you, even
if that means locking you in a cell. Sometimes,
the only way to put something down you’ve
carried too long is to set it on fire and walk

Stuff My Stupid Heart Likes by CL Bledsoe (co-author of https://medium.com/@howtoeven and The Wild Word: https://medium.com/search?q=not%20another%20tv%20dad)

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