Bluebird Birthday Bedtime Story

By CL & E Bledsoe

**I gave my daughter a big book of stickers, and she arranged a bunch of them in a little notebook we made. Then, she asked me to tell a story based on the stickers. So everything in the story is from a sticker.**

A unicorn was running through a meadow when she bumped into a princess, and they both fell down. The princess helped the unicorn back up and said, “I’m sorry. Excuse me.”

The unicorn was very upset. “It’s my fault, I’m sorry.” And then she burst out crying.

“Whats the matter?” The princess said.

“Oh, I’m so late for my best friend’s birthday party,” the unicorn said. “She’s a bluebird and she’s my favorite person in the whole world.”

“Really? It’s your friend’s birthday? She sounds really nice. What gift are you giving her?” The princess asked.

The unicorn suddenly became even more upset and started crying again.

“What’s wrong?” The princess asked.

“I forgot to get her a present!” The unicorn said.

“Oh, well, maybe I can help you find one,” the princess said. “What does your friend like?”

The unicorn calmed down enough to consider this. “Well, she likes three things a whole lot. She likes flowers. She likes jewels. And she really likes falling stars.”

“I know where there’s a whole field of flowers,” the princess said. “I’d be glad to take you to it.”

“You would?” The unicorn said. “That would be lovely.”

So the princess led the unicorn to the wildflower field. But, when they got there, all the flowers were gone. They searched the entire field but found no flowers. Finally, at the very far end, they found a bunny lying on the ground with a big, round, full belly.

“Excuse me,” the princess asked. “But is this the field of wildflowers?”

The bunny burped. “It used to be,” she said. “But I ate them all.”

The unicorn burst into tears again, and the princess did her best to calm her.

“What’s her problem?” The bunny asked.

The princess explained that the unicorn was trying to find a gift for her best friend’s birthday.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the bunny said. “If I’d known it was your friend’s birthday, I’d have saved her some flowers. But I was very hungry, and the flowers were delicious.”

“That’s okay,” the unicorn said.

The bunny scratched her chin. “Maybe you can find another gift for your friend. What else does she like?”

“Well,” the unicorn said. “She likes flowers, but they’re all gone. She likes jewels. And she likes falling stars.”

“I know where there’s a whole mountain full of jewels,” the bunny said. “I’d be happy to take you there.”

“Really?” The unicorn said.

“Sure,” the bunny said, and they all set off. They had to climb a big mountain and finally got to a cave. “We have to be really quiet inside here,” the bunny said. “There’s a great big bear that lives in this cave, but he’s asleep. We have to be really quiet so we don’t wake him, or he might try to eat us.”

So they all went into the cave quietly. The bunny had told them that the cave was full of jewels, but everywhere they looked, there were not jewels, just holes in the wall where there USED to be jewels. Finally, they heard a chipping sound like a pickax hitting a rock. They followed the sound into a tunnel, and there, they discovered a butterfly digging in the wall.

“Are you going to eat me?” the butterfly asked.

The unicorn and the others assured the butterfly they weren’t going to eat her and were just looking for a jewel to give to the unicorn’s friend for her birthday.

“I’m sorry,” the butterfly said. “I already dug all the jewels out. An evil wizard trapped me in this cave and made me find all the jewels for him, and then he left me here and I can’t find the way out.”

When she heard the jewels were gone, the unicorn started crying again.

“Shh!” The butterfly said. “You’ll wake up the bear.”

“I can show you the way out,” the rabbit said.

“Well we better go now, because I think I hear the bear,” the butterfly said.

And sure enough, they could hear the bear growling, and as it got closer, its toenails clicked on the stone floor of the cave.

“Come on!” The bunny said, and they all ran back to the mouth of the cave and outside.

“Thank you so much for rescuing me,” the butterfly said.

The bunny was happy to have helped, but the unicorn was inconsolable.

“Now I don’t have anything to give my friend for her birthday,” the unicorn said. “We tried flowers.”

“But I ate them all,” the bunny said.

“We tried jewels,” the unicorn said.

“But I had to give them to the evil wizard,” the butterfly said. “Is there anything else your friend likes?”

“The only thing she likes is shooting stars,” the unicorn said.

“Oh, I know where there are some shooting stars,” the butterfly said. “Come on, I’ll show you!”

They all followed the butterfly around to the other side of the mountain. They climbed higher and higher until they were standing over a deep valley. They were so high up, the stars were so close they felt like they could reach out and touch them.

“How will we get one?” The unicorn asked.

“I know!” The princess said. She found a rock and threw it and knocked one of the stars out of the sky. It fell into a rainbow, and all the color stuck to its tail.

“I saw where it went,” the bunny said, and they all climbed down and found the falling star with the rainbow tail. The princess wrapped it up in a piece of her dress because it was hot from falling through the atmosphere.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me,” the unicorn said. “Would you like to come to the party and meet my friend?”

They all said sure, and then they went to the party. When they got there, the bluebird was a little sad because she thought maybe the unicorn wasn’t coming.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” the unicorn said. “But I had to get your present.”

“That’s okay,” the bluebird said. “I’m just glad you’re here now.”

The unicorn introduced all her new friends to the bluebird, and they played games and had balloons. They were having such a good time that they forgot all about the present until the unicorn suddenly remembered it after they’d all finished their cake. She gave her friend the falling star with a rainbow tail.

“It’s the nicest gift I’ve ever gotten, but even nicer than that is having such a good friend, and so many new friends,” the bluebird said, and they all had another piece of cake.

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