Differences Between My True Face and the Stolen Faces I Encounter Outside

By CL Bledsoe

1. A lack of whiskers and yet a general scratchiness.
2. In the place of eyes, teeth.
3. Cream for cheeks. Also, texture.
4. Styling of hair. Cleanliness.
5. A certain Romanness of the nose having never been broken by supposed loved ones.
6. Multiple eyebrows.
7. Zipper lines.
8. The invitation of love.
9. Divisibility by seven.
10. Feathers. Softness. Purity.
11. A belief in hard work and Christian Values.
12. The tiniest of holes around the abnormally puffy lips.
13. The inability to smile or experience joy.
14. Lack of blood beneath the surface.
15. A sense of worth betrayed by price tags stylishly sewn into the back of each head.

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